Since the BJP as taken over as the government, the Modi team has been keenly emphasizing on digital solutions for growth of businesses, day to day transactions and even for schemes for governance.

E-governance is a recent phenomenon which is expanding rapidly and steadily gaining momentum in India. Yes, implementation is difficult, however, the government is looking at different, bigger and more efficient ways of using It technology to bring in transparency, accountability and efficiency in government services.

Many companies are joining hands with the government to fulfill the purpose of their endeavors and provide their expertise and support.

Pronix is providing world class data centre solutions to several government organizations such as The Delhi Jal Board, Lalit Kala Academy, Government of Rajasthan and ASRB. We have gained the reputation of being extremely efficient and dependable. Our outsourcing services come as a boon as they help increase efficiency and reduce costs simultaneously.

Pronix provides a wide spectrum of solutions and and services in e-governance. Our offerings include web and mobile based e governance solutions, portfolio management solutions, employee appraisal system, workflow management systems and government health and family services solutions.
We also provide expert IT consultancy services, guiding the government as to how they can tap into the vast potential of the IT sector.

Pronix's government services are reliable and one of their most striking features is our 5 stage services offering-

  • System study-Understand the core functions of the agency
  • Development services- Identify how e-governance can be used
  • Implementation- Secure web hosting and server administration, zero downtime, customization of third party web applications
  • System Stabilization- Capacity building, training, skill enhancement of the internal workforce
  • Maintenance- 24*7 technical support and database management Efficiency and accessibility is hence ensured and the citizens’ experience is completely transformed for the better.

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