While many development platforms, tools and features are available “out of the box” today, a successful ecommerce experience requires custom solutions to meet specific business needs and requirements.

The ECommerce Partners development team has over a decade of experience in custom website development; we know what works and what doesn't. Whether you are building a new business online or trying to optimize and improve an existing site, whenever possible, we'll help you save time and money by sourcing existing and reliable software solutions that we'll then customize and tailor for your project. However, when no commercial product will suit, we can provide quotes that range from adding individual components to improve the value and performance of your existing site to delivering a custom website that is designed and developed from the ground up specifically for you.

Digital Transformation

Digital defines the way we live and work today. To succeed in the digital world, businesses must not only provide superior customer experiences but deliver on their promises in a faster, more nimble way. All businesses can now leverage digital innovations such as mobility, digital labor, internet of things and data and analytics. What matters is how they apply them to business challenges.

Digital transformation is a natural progression from the traditional business transformation, one more suited to the modern world. The critical difference is the opportunities for innovation, scalability, and agility that are possible in any transformation process, now that digital is part of the mix. We design, develop, deploy, and support digital portals, e-commerce, content, and consumer-engagement platforms, across technology frameworks, with teams headed by some of the most experienced and respected technology leaders.


Mobile technology is a clear competitive advantage for organizations who take the time to develop and implement a long-term strategic mobility plan. As experts in mobility, Pronix can show you how the innovative capabilities and vast range of mobile technology can propel your organizations into a more efficient and profitable future.

The use of interactive applications on mobile devices is becoming more than just a successful trend. Enterprise corporations have begun to appreciate the exceptional value provided by mobile applications when designed with core business functions in mind. With a large in-house development team, Pronix Mobility team has the capabilities to design, develop and implement mobile applications that are reliable, maintainable, securable, and scalable. We are not wed to a particular platform or device, as we develop mobile apps for Android, IOS, RIM & Windows in HTML5, on tablets, smartphones and PCs.


Pronix’s Technology experts have been working with a leading provider of work flow automation and document management solutions tailored to the needs of the US health care industry. As the sole product development partner, Pronix has led the architecture, design, development and deployment of this exciting solution across a range of organizations in the US health care industry, including:

  • Health care professionals
  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories, and Health Insurance Plans

This product, which helps manage information flow from the point of service to the billing center, enables implementation of billing portals, ensures portability of clinical information, provides a reliable repository for citical patient and billing data and enables easy, Web-based retrieval of all relevant information, has received rave reviews from many leading health care organizations.

Application Integration

There is hardly a single web development project today that doesn’t involve some kind of 3rd party vendor integration, be it for adding the latest must-have consumer features, ensuring you have the appropriate site analytics and marketing metrics, or integrating your business process applications into your website. The ecosystem of ecommerce and business applications has evolved: highly specialized vendors now offer every kind of specialty tool, plug-in feature and business operations application imaginable and still new applications are appearing every day.

ECommerce Partners can help you wade through the sea of choices in the market. For example, you may want to consider augmenting your core website with applications that help you meet your business goals and can transform your website into a dynamic and sophisticated consumer experience. . Based on our extensive experience and in depth knowledge of the market we will select and integrate third party tools and applications into your existing website. The end result will be an engaging, seamless, and unified experience for the consumer and your internal staff.

ECommerce Partners has over a decade’ of experience that spans the full range of vendor integrations. Because we’ve been there, we can help you avoid some of the most common integration implementation pitfalls. We will ensure the integration project is appropriately assessed in terms of scope, complexity and cost and that the implementation is smooth and painless.


Pronix's technical team consists of experienced Technology professionals. Pronix's technical expertise spans the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), and includes the following competencies:

  • Business and technical analysis and design
  • Architecting of service oriented architectures
  • Program management and project management
  • Software development methodologies including traditional, Agile and SCRUM
  • Application software development, including User interfaces, Objects & services, Application interfaces using open source technologies and platforms such as Java
  • Data analysis and design including database development
  • Business Intelligence including OLAP, ETL, data warehousing, reporting, notification Application testing including functional, technical, stress, volume, regression and automated testing
  • Application release management
  • Database administration including high-availability database environments


Middleware serves as the glue that binds together separate software programs -- enabling different applications to communicate and creating a seamless flow of information that can help improve business performance. Companies today rely on middleware as a key component of their Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) strategy.

Pronix’s middleware practice enables clients to integrate data and business processes – improving access to information across multiple sources and systems. Our business integration services support ongoing application integration requirements based on the IBM WebSphere MQ and Integration Broker suite of products. Our software team is experienced in a wide range of middleware tools, programs and processes, including EAI, Web Services, PCM, servers and e-mobility tools. We also provide middleware administration services in BEA Weblogic and WebSphere MQ.


Pronix Microsoft practice brings together people, processes and our proven project management methodology to deliver valuable solutions for your business.

Our software teams offer strong industry knowledge and advanced expertise in .Net technologies, tools and servers, delivering high-performing products and a custom-fit experience.

Our dedication to service excellence and superior customer experience sets us apart. We adapt to your processes, with a nimble, flexible approach focused on providing optimal solutions for your specific situation.

We use both agile development processes and traditional methods of software development. In agile development, we follow XP techniques that emphasize business results first, with an incremental approach and continual testing and revision. On the traditional side, we use iterative waterfall and Rational Unified Process (RUP) methods