Staffing Services


In today’s market, where there are millions waiting to be hired, having too much choice has proved to be as much of a bane as a boon to an employer. Out of all the hundreds and thousands of faces you see, it is not a piece of cake when it comes to selecting an employee who would fit in your business like a square peg in square mould. Here is where we come in.

Pronix Inc provides its customers with efficient and dedicated resource in the form of an employee. It not only works externally by helping the right candidates meet the right businesses but also provides consultancy and recruiting strategy internally, included in a ‘Advisory and consulting’ services, to the business for a more easy and suitable recruitment. It is necessary to understand the business and its needs before actually hunting the right employee down. And Pronix Inc understands that.

We also help our customers, after understanding what makes their business unique, to develop and strategize effective screening and filters that are employed in their recruitment, making the entire process more reliable and genuine. When the market is running in its fast pace, you have no time for beginning at the starting line of the race all over again. You need employees in your stride that not only understand your business already but also know how to help it forward and do so in a fashion beneficial for the business as well. And this task can prove to be difficult even when you have a separate HR department to help you with it. In such a scenario, you need a partner like Pronix Inc to put things in place and assist as you compete in a dynamic business environment.

The staffing services offered by Pronix Inc are handled by a separate department called Pronix Staff Augmentation Division. The process doesn’t stop at recruiting the right people and there is a need for plans that help you after the recruitment has taken place. Our aim is to not only help you with effective and efficient recruitment but devise appropriate strategies that ensure consistency and retention in your employees as well as your business, even in the times of turmoil or market instability.

As it is said, effective staffing takes a village. We, at Pronix Inc, help you find your perfect employees without a lot of fuss.