These days application even notifies you when you are speeding up your car and it is a common experience for everyone that Google knows what you are searching for, based on your shopping pattern you get to see recommendations on e-bazaars. These are just a few examples of what smart applications can do.

They are innovative systems that gather the tremendous amount of data from sensors, locational data, personal data and engagement with users. Using Machine Learning Algorithm, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, they enhance user experience. They are embedded in users’ processes and available in any channel or device. To make a smart app all you need is:


With the ever evolving market, tactics to capture more market share, to give the user what they need, to usher in a new era of business and marketing you need Smart Applications. They not only turn your profit books but also give you patron customers if you fulfill their needs. This is actually something big and transformative. Based on Mckinsey, IoT alone could generate $11.1 trillion a year in economic value by 2025.Smart applications are also a boon to society. Apps like Safetipin, Raksha, Himmat have empowered women to feel safe. Smart apps have also played a pivotal role in data security and privacy of the user by the end to end encryption as has been done by whatsapp.

Recently it was reported that Open AI, a startup of Elon Musk has defeated world’s best video gamers in DOTA 2 Championship.

So tie up your seat belts to embark on the journey of Smart apps.

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