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Captive Center/ Global In-House Center(GIC): Towards a strategic Digital Partnership for addressing Global Business and IT Service Delivery.

The success of any organization depends on whether the employees are capable to perform the task effectively or not. With the rising needs and expectations of customers, it has become imperative for enterprises to support and encourage creativity in the offices which ultimately enhances the productivity of the enterprise and creates healthy employee relationships. But, building a fully-advanced development center with the latest technologies and equipment is a costly fair. To help you cope with this, PRONIX is providing Build-Operate-Transfer(BOT) services to setup Global Delivery Centers or Captive Centers.

A Global Delivery Center(GDC) can be engaged in Business IT Operations Support for the below areas:

Typical Global In-House Center(GIC) or Offshore Delivery Center(ODC) or Global Delivery Centers(GDC) are Used for:

Global R&D Operations and Innovations
Global Shared Services Delivery
Business Process Service Delivery
Global In-House Operations
Global Service Delivery Centers 
Global IT Services(AMS and IMS)
Global IT Operations Support
Back-Office Operations
Offshore Software Development and Product Development

Through the implementation and operation of a mature and high-performance Shared Services operating model, enterprises would be able to:

PRONIX is providing the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) services for setting up client-owned Captive Center, GIC's, GDC, ODC to enable growth and build client-owned Intellectual Property(IP) at the global level and to unlock the true potential of digital technologies for NextGen value-added business IT operations.

The essence of the BOT is a client partner with a services provider such as PRONIX who builds the service center, runs it for a specified number of years, and then transfers ownership back to the client. This model utilizes offshore staff who are legally employed and fully supported by the provider. However, the client has 100% operational control. Many major companies initially have this approach and have converted to full ownership – more so after the model has been proven.

We help global clients to establish Global In-House Centers(GIC's) or Captive Center or Global Delivery Center(GDC), Offshore Delivery Centers(ODC), in India in 3 service delivery models:

Turnkey Setup Build and Stabilize
BOT Build, Operate & Stabilize and Transfer
BOOT Build, Own, Operate & Stabilize, Transfer


With the fully-futuristic Global Delivery Centers, PRONIX enables you to create a collaborative and secure development environment to connect your entire global ecosystem and establish a single source of contact for all production processes and information. With PRONIX’s global delivery centers, enterprises can reduce expenses, accelerate time to market and increase profitability.  

Most of the enterprises that are trying to minimize the total cost of ownership of Information Technology (IT) services portfolio are often opting for Global Delivery Centers. The GDC will be an extension of the enterprise's own IT services capabilities in every aspect. PRONIX’s GDC enables the enterprises to work together towards a common goal by brainstorming, interacting and creating strategies on a common platform. Sharing ideas and working together on a common platform for a common goal for mutual benefits for a company inspires professionals with a strong sense of purpose.  

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