Developers need to understand application interdependencies, complexity, and quality across platforms and environments. Similarly, infrastructure operation teams require UI and UX skills. DevOps is a set of practices that automates the processes between software development and operation teams are merged into a single team where the engineers work across the entire application lifecycle, from development and test to deployment to operations, and develop a range of skills not limited to a single function. We also call them as DevSecOps models, when quality assurance and security teams are integrated with development and operations throughout the application lifecycle.

DevOps team uses a technology stack and tooling to operate and evolve applications and to automate processes. Speed, Rapid delivery, reliability, scale, improved collaboration, security are benefits of DevOps.IBM provides developers an open and integrated set of tools for automating delivery with speed and control with concrete practices and architectures. Lean and agile development are the underpinnings of DevOps helping teams to cut waste, shorten cycle times and increase customer value. For effective DevOps implementation, software applications have to meet a set of architecturally significant requirements (ASRs) able to deployment, modify, testable and monitorable.

Devops applicable platforms available in IBM are

  • Consumers have higher expectations for their digital experiences. IBM DevOps enables to meet the business expectations with innovation using agility and APIs for channel business-critical assets, to minimize asset changes and modernize applications on cross platforms using IBM mainframe called Enterprise DevOps.
  • For hybrid cloud by developing, implementing, and iterating on a scalable cloud, we can bridge the gap between on-premises DevOps with private and public clouds and increase agility, protect data, and lower costs with Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence (ADDI) called DevOps for Hybrid cloud.
  • For Storage related using IBM All-Flash Systems for file, block, or object storage with integrated cloud options that encrypt data and provide unified management for security and control as DevOps for Hybrid cloud storage.
  • DevOps automation is achieved by repackaging platforms and applications into reusable building blocks using technologies such as virtual machines and containerization.
  • Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is the framework for scaling lean and agile processes across an enterprise to orchestrate software development and delivery in a complex, heterogeneous environment with process guidance, coupled with the right data for decision-making.

Implementation of DevOps in Infrastructure Operations is heavily dependent on tools that can cover the complete System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) which is possible with IBM DevOps techniques.