Hadoop Implementation

How Big Data Is Helping Organizations-Hadoop Implementation

In today's tech-savvy world, everyone is looking at the mobile device. People are collaborating, online, shopping for products and services, browsing, transacting business, and more. Today, prospects and customers are becoming empowered with every passing day. If that is not all, social networking platforms and review & comparison websites are assisting them to make smart and informed decisions before customers put their money on the table.

In such an evolving and mobile-dominated economy, the lifespans of organizations are shrinking and this is the reason why more and more organizations are now emphasizing customer-focused CEOs. This focus is about the ultimate process of business survival wherein organizations are required to:

  • Improve financial management
  • Mitigate risks
  • Explore new and better opportunities
  • Retain and grow customers
  • Optimize business operations

No wonder, business survival today is becoming as much as customer retention as it is about business growth and prosperity. Organizations now need to know as much as possible about their customers to survive.

Now comes the big question - what and to what extent do you know about your customers? This is where Big Data comes into the picture.

What Is Big Data?

If you have a close look at the prevailing market trends, it would be extremely easy to make out that data is larger in volume, arriving more quickly than ever, and more complex than ever. Therefore, you should be ready to perform advanced analytical workloads. Big Data helps you do just that and much more in the easiest and most reliable ways.

Big Data refers to a huge chunk of raw data that gets collected, stored, and analyzed through a wide variety of methods. This raw data is later utilized by organizations to make better decisions and enhance their operational efficiencies.

Issues with Big data

Poor performance- Long-running queries and slow data access stemming from poorly-configured or redundant systems.

Lack of dedicated and qualified staff-  The lack of specialized IT staff leads to wastage of time, efforts, and other resources.

Efficient Hadoop Implementation- The biggest disadvantage of Hadoop (a collection of open-source software utilities) implementation while working with Big Data is its restricted ability to access and serve interactive queries for random data.

The Solution

PRONIX is the name to trust when it comes to Big Data consulting and smart Hadoop implementation. It helps organizations -irrespective of their size of operations or level of business activities - to collate Big Data, retrieve, analyze, and learn critical business insights to make smart and informed decisions.

PRONIX solutions are ideal for profit-oriented organizations to compete more effectively against the competition and take advantage of innovative technologies. By doing this, PRONIX helps you reap the optimum advantages of these relational database management systems in a distributed computing environment.

Globally acclaimed for its out-of-the-box approach, PRONIX powers digital economies and smart connected products so organizations can get more value out of sophisticated technologies and platforms like Hadoop & Spark. It also ensures that Big Data does not have to be a challenging task for small, medium, or large-sized businesses. This is done through harnessing Big Data to capture, manage, and process to uncover hidden correlations, patterns, and data-driven insights.

PRONIX does this by helping organizations accurately and precisely identify the root causes of issues, defects, and failures on a real-time basis. It also helps them detected fraudulent behavior and recalculate the entire risk portfolio. You can always trust PRONIX to assist you with Hadoop implementation to handle large data sets in a cost-effective and safe manner.

Make the best decision for your business by choosing PRONIX now!