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Quality assurance, the term in itself is self-explanatory of assuring or maintaining the quality of a service or a product. Introduced for the foremost time perhaps in the manufacturing industry, it gradually paved its way into other industries and into the IT industry as well.


As in any industry, in IT, quality assurance is a policy followed to ensure perfect services or products that are applications or software that would be user-friendly and defect-free. QA is not only a tool for providing quality services but it also assures the customer that the software company will deliver a product to meet their requirements under the quoted price and allocated time. But why do we need QA in the first place?


Digitization has happened on a massive level throughout the world and so happened the rise, fall, mergers, and splits of software companies. This digital revolution, in order to sustain, needed support in the form of a system that could keep the faith in the industry alive.  Basically, something which would ensure that every step of software development is being watched and every protocol is being followed. This is attained by verifying on every step whether the product complies with the specifications and that the end product is a defect-free one and as per the customer requirement. For this, the governments across the globe have also established quality management system audits and process improvement initiatives like the ISO:9001 to be followed.


Quality assurance depends on how the team approaches the defects of the software and how it improves the qualities by improving the codes as per specifications such as proper functioning, being reliable, efficient, easy to use and maintain and adaptable. This can be done through proper audits of the whole process including planning as per the client’s requirements, overview preparation of the desired product, coding, timely inspections, make the required corrections, follow-ups and finally the product testing in order to prevent any defects and continuous improvement of the process. Quality assurance is also very important because it negates any chances of failures at the final stages, henceforth, saving the cost of re-evaluation and the whole process wherever required.


In order to follow these kinds of protocols, it is necessary for a company to have a QA team that is equipped with the proper knowledge of the system, knows how to plan as per the client’s requirements and that of rectifying the mistakes if any. The team, like the one at PRONIX, is qualified and experienced enough to handle the QA and testing of enterprise solutions. Their expertise in QA can be quite fruitful for the company to outsmart the competitors in the market. Hiring a company like PRONIX is not only cost-effective and time-saving but also assures the client of a defect-free end product.