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What we do Technologies Salesforce CRM

Technology is the best when it brings people together and helps them to work closely so that the business can achieve the desired goals. At PRONIX, we transcend to offer the best systems and so we have adopted Salesforce as our major CRM tool.


But why? What is it that inspired us about Salesforce? And what benefits do you and your business get from it?


Salesforce is an innovative platform that helps companies to connect with their partners, customers, and employees in an entirely new way. It would help your business run smoothly without any hiccups. PRONIX helps businesses of any size with Salesforce CRM deployment and implementation in their organizations.

Our team of experts at PRONIX helps companies to make a quick transition of customer service, marketing processes and running the sales to an on-demand Cloud-based SaaS application i.e. Salesforce CRM.

We just don’t implement Salesforce into your system, in fact, we integrate with your processes impeccably and provide continued support. We have an outstanding team of certified developers, architects, administrators and consultants who can mold Salesforce in every way to meet your expectations.


Products and services that PRONIX offers

You get access to a wide range of products and services through Salesforce in Mobile, Cloud, and social domains.

We provide complete production and technical support services of the Salesforce CRM platform with strict SLAs both offshore and onsite as per your requirement. We also provide exhaustive training to our valued clients. As part of annual or monthly maintenance support, we remove errors like duplicity and data redundancy so that your organization gets the maximum benefit from the software system.