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Microsoft Azure can easily be understood as Microsoft's public cloud computing platform. Previously known as Windows Azure, this platform provides a range of cloud services, including those for compute, analytics, storage, and networking. In order to run existing applications or develop and scale new applications in the public cloud, the clients can pick and choose from these services according to their requirements. Hence, Microsoft Azure is generally considered both, a Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering.

It gives a computing platform and works as an online gateway for clients to get and oversee assets and administrations given by Microsoft. The clients can access services and resources such as Virtual Machines, storage and so on, as long as they have a Microsoft Azure account and a working internet connection.

Introduced in February 2010, Microsoft Azure has developed fundamentally in size and scale in the last few years. To the point where 80% of all Fortune 500 organizations prescribe utilizing it and is relied upon to have one of the biggest numbers of locales secured by server farms. It additionally offers a wide range of services that are spread over a wide range of areas. The most well-known services under Microsoft Azure are Virtual Machines, Cloud Services, Service Fabric, Azure CDN, Express Route, Virtual Network, Azure DNS, Disk Storage, Blob Storage, File Storage, and Queue Storage.

In order to have better control over the company’s IT budgets since they purchase only what they need, Microsoft Azure offers a pay-as-you-go payment plan. The companies also use Azure to take advantage of SaaS applications to reduce the costs of infrastructure, maintenance, and management of their IT environment.

However, a lot of organizations still have genuine worries about moving applications to the cloud. Fears about system security, accessibility, and potential vacation twirl through the heads of the bosses, at times, paralyzing organizations into standing pat on existing tech, even though it’s improving by the minute. The solution to all these problems is Microsoft Azure and to avail the best assistance in order to achieve the most from it, one can undoubtedly approach PRONIX.

PRONIX offers unmatched flexibility in its delivery model and engagement management processes related to Microsoft Azure. Created with the objective of helping our client's measure manage and minimize outsourcing risks, at PRONIX, we provide the clients the best way to get full and actionable visibility into their aggregated logs and infrastructure metrics so their organization can react quickly to opportunities and grow rapidly.